• Eco-Brisk Grooming Tool (2-in-1 Brush)
  • Eco-Brisk Grooming Tool (2-in-1 Brush)

Eco-Brisk Grooming Tool (2-in-1 Brush)


Product of Eco Pet©

The ‘Eco-Brisk’ is not only a grooming tool …

it’s a brush and a wisk in one unit!

The best shedding tool you’ll ever use!


Eco Brisk Grooming Tool - Natural Wood

So gentle and easy to use, your animals will love it.

Canadian made from sustainable products …

“Eco-Brisk” is the ecological grooming tool choice for conscientious pet owners.

It’s unlike other shedding or grooming tool that use clipper blades, pins, or bristles that often cause discomfort or stress.

The Eco Brisks‘ fine teeth remove only the dead hair, leaving the coat soft and clean and the Wisk is great for short hair breeds and horses to wisk away water and sweat quickly and easily.