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Dr. Mercola TICK STICK


Tick Removal Tool

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Examining your pet’s body regularly must be part of your total pest preventive plan.


All pest repellents (both chemical and natural) are only deterrents and your pet will still get bugged by bugs on occasion. Certainly, keeping your pet clean with frequent baths and brushing is part of a regular examination program.

Removing most of the pests occasionally found on your dog or cat is not a big issue except for one … ticks. Ticks bore into the skin using backward-pointing spikes that can make safely removing them difficult.

The Tick Stick is one of the few tools that allows you to actually hold the tick (without compressing it) and remove it by using a twisting, rather than a pulling motion.

The twisting motion allowed by the Tick Stick takes advantage of the tick’s rostrum structure. As you twist, the spikes bend into the axis of rotation, making it easier to safely remove the tick