• Omega Alpha HerbaCoat
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Omega Alpha HerbaCoat


HerbaCoat contains:

  • Aloe Vera and Sunflower oil to help soften the skin and coat

  • Neem oil, extracted form the Neem plant which has a very potent anti-histamine and anti-inflamatory properties

  • Citronella oil and Lavender oil to give a pleasant, natural scent.

    After application, HerbaCoat conditions and moisturizes the skin, and leaves the coat shiny and manageable, with a healthy natural scent.

Directions: Apply liberally to body; avoid the mouth and eyes

Cautions: Shake well before use. Herbacoat is for external use only. Recommended for dogs only and is not suitable for cats due to their self grooming behaviour

If your pet is pregnant or nursing , please check with your animal health professional before using this product