• Thrive Kelp - 350g
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Thrive Kelp - 350g


100% Canadian Sea Kelp.
Our Canadian Sea Kelp is harvested in the Bay of Fundy, one of the richest marine ecosystems on earth.

Feeding Instructions

  • Serve mixed in with wet, dry or raw food
  • Recommended for dogs and cats of all sizes and life stages
  • Daily supplementation of kelp provides nutrients essential to pituitary, adrenal and thyroid gland function, making this a suitable choice for dogs with Hypothyroidism


  • 1/4 tsp per 25lbs of body weight

Kelp contains over 60 vital minerals, amino acids and vitamins, and provides your pet with many health benefits including; improved digestion, and healthy skin and shiny coat. Kelp may improve immune system function and also aid in adrenal and thyroid gland function.